Best new tool in a long, long time. I love it! It makes predrilling screw holes and snapping over to putting the screws in so easy- I can complete projects twice as fast! It’s totally worth the money!

(P. Earle)

I have used the Zack Rabbit on different kinds of jobs/projects such as barn doors, adjustable shelving, a desk base, a Montesorri style kids bed/playhouse, fixed shelving, mudroom organizer, side table and more. Definitely helps whenever I am at a customer’s home or business doing an install. Makes what I need to bring more compact and saves me time.

I work by myself so being able to easily switch from a counter sinking drill bit to a driver bit all on my driver instead of using two guns has been very helpful! CAN I do it with two? Of course I can. But like the old saying goes “Work smarter. Not harder.”


I had an original Jack Rabbit from years ago. It was amazing and I used it for everything. Someone else also thought it was great and so I now need to replace it. I know the quality, reliability and usefulness of the Zack Rabbit will last for years. Thanks for such a great tool.


I was gifted a used JACKRABBIT bit from an old salty cabinet installer (& badass finish carpenter) back 2005. It served me well for about a decade until I replaced it with another JACKRABBIT bit & set. I have subsequently ‘gifted’ several to fellow tradesmen. My most recent bit has taken a beating from my impact drill. Zack Rabbit seems to have answered all these Carpenter’s wishes. With impact drills dominating the jobsite, the upgrades & enhancements are a most welcome surprise.